We’ll be going over the pros for each of the neighbourhoods in and round the city, but there’s always a place to begin one’s analysis, and we’re starting with Griffintown.  While there is only one major hotel in the area, the Alt hotel, Griffintown is a hotbed for AirBnB locations.  Find yourself in one of the AirBnb’s with a rooftop pool, and you may just land one of the few great places to get some great shots of the city skyline, and just maybe, a distant view of the annual fireworks competition.

Regardless of where you stay, Griffintown is a great location  especially if you’re planning to focus your stay exploring the Old Port, biking along the Lachine Canal, a natural city walker and someone not hesitant to hop on of the public transit system.   If you’re looking to explore the cuisine of the city, you’ll find yourself with a few, but good places to try with most off of Notre-Dame Street West and some along Peel Street.   But, walk a few minutes beyond the borders to the west you’ll find yourself in St-Henri and the Atwater market with more to try and explore,  or head east and you’re in Old Montreal where plenty more awaits to appease your palate.

It’s fairly easy to get to from the highway, metro, bus, train and even airport.  We’ll explore getting to Griffintown in the next article.


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