I’ve had my share of ham and cheese sandwiches in my life, and I always find it interesting how each culture combines common ingredients, but uses their unique seasoning techniques to make it slightly different, and most important both memorable and delicious .    The cuban sandwich (aka cubano, mixto) is one take of the ham and cheese sandwich that I crave from time to time.   It’s origins stem from the Cuban culture, and over the years, matured in both taste and popularity in Cuban rich areas of Florida.  The sandwich itself is made up of bread, pickles, roasted pork, ham, and cheese.  At Olive & Gourmando, a restaurant in the Old Port of Montreal, you will find  their cuban sandwich (“Le Cubain” or “The Cuban”) spin a flavorful and filling take of the inspired sandwich.

There, the cubano is made of pancetta, roasted pork and gruyère cheese, along with their signature lime, cilantro, chiptole, and pickle mayonnaise that brings all the flavours together bite after bite after bite.  Better eaten warm than not, but if you grab one to go, the flavours won’t disappoint at all.   The sandwich is decently sized, as it is a pressed sandwich that can be quite filling on it’s own of course, depending on your appetite.

If you plan to order for takeout of the cuban sandwich so you could enjoy it along a walk around Old Montreal, head to the back of the restaurant past the pasteries and place your order.  I have forgotten this from time to time and often wait a little longer because I instead had placed my order at the pastry line up front.   A popular location amongst locals and business folk in the area, be sure to plan to wait or arrive before rushes.   

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