L'Avenue Sandwich
Mural at Restaurant L'Avenue
Mural inside Restaurant L’Avenue

Address:  922 Av Du Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC, H2J 1X2
Tel : 514-523-8780

To locals it’s simply referred to as L’Avenue, and known to be one of Montreal’s top places to go to for Sunday brunch.  That’s if you can manage to find a seat.  Doors open early at 8am, but the lineups start earlier than that regardless of the season.  In the winter months you can sometimes find a hot tea dispenser outside for patrons waiting in line to freely grab a cup or two, or however much needed to keep warm in the sometimes -30 C temperatures.  Yes, Montrealers love enjoying their brunch here and despite having a fridge packed with food many wait in line in such mind blowing frigid temperatures.

L'Avenue Bathroom Wall Clock

A mannequin by the window, a raised motorbike on the wall, and a colourful mural along the wall, are only some of the details that make up the eclectic décor. The piece de resistance a.k.a what you definitely should check out, funny enough, is their water closet.   Once you’ve gone and washed your hands, there’s no doubt you’ll have something to talk about at the table while waiting for your meal to be served.

Unlike most brunch places that run at the speed of light, with you thinking you’re being hurried to finish your meal, L’Avenue runs at a different pace where patrons can enjoy their experience with friends/family. When served your fruit plate to start, don’t be fooled thinking your main meal is coming within seconds. Enjoy the fruits as it does take a bit of time to receive your main during the busiest moments of the service. The portions served are quite decent, enough to fuel you for most of the afternoon as you explore Montreal. The eggs benedict are a favourite as are their crepes, but any plate you choose will be as good given what you’re craving for. Missed out on cabane à sucre (sugaring off) season in the spring? Try their cabane à sucre dish to enjoy all the flavours of that period.


L'Avenue Eggs Benedict
L’Avenue Eggs Benedict


L'Avenue Sandwich
Sandwich for brunch at L’Avenue