1862 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montreal, QC, H3H 1M1
Tel : 514-937-2333

Kazu offers a gastronomic Izakaya experience like no other in Montreal.  In a relaxed and friendly environment you’ll find Japanese pub cuisine that rival’s some of the top restaurant establishments in Montreal but without breaking the bank.  Braised pork neck, Chilean sea bass, okonomiya (Japanese style pancake), teriyaki chicken burgers and yes, ramen are a few dishes you’ll find here.

The servings are generous and the food flavorful.  The Kazu salad that sits atop some of the dishes often stands at least 2 or more inches in height.  While below that lies a significant portion of meat that has been seasoned for hours before being cooked. The ingredients are fresh and everything is made from scratch.

When planning your visit, timing and patience is everything when getting a seat.  Lineups in plus or minus thirty degree weather are often found well before opening lunch and supper hours.  You’ll find diehard patrons don’t mind getting cozy in the entrance as they patiently wait for a seat by the bar or a table to become free.


  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Their popular ramen dish is only served at lunch.
  • Try to get there 15-30 minutes before opening times.
  • No credit cards accepted.
  • Sushi is not served here.
  • Specials are written on pastel colored paper and posted along the walls of the establishment.



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