Address: 1676 Lincoln, Montreal, Quebec, H3H 2E7
Tel: 438-288-5366

Hours: Fri-Sat (12pm-11pm) and Sun-Thur (12pm – 10pm)

Cash only

Without a doubt the best place to fill a craving for dumplings in Montreal.  Each dumpling order ranges from  9$ to 13$ and comes with 15 pieces which, in many cases I’ve seen, is more than enough for 1 person.   Take your time when going over the menu as they have an extensive selection of pork, beef, lamb and seafood dumplings to choose from.

Some dumpling dishes include:

  • pork, green onions and mushrooms
  • pork, leak and shrimps
  • lamb and anis
  • leak, egg and shrimp
  • pork and squid

As you wait, start prepping the dipping sauce with the ingredients at your table and go over the instructions on how to best eat your dumplings.  Yes, that’s correct.  On the menu, you will find a guide on how to best enjoy and eat the dumplings.  It reads, “Steaming hot dumpling (to enjoy, bite a small hole to drink the soup then eat the dumpling)”.  Now, the first time I read it I grinned and ignored the warning. This served to entertain my friend who watched as my first bite resulted in soup squirting 8 inches away from either one of us and for the rest to dribble onto the plate below.  That said, the only tip I would add to their instructions would be that the smaller the bite, the better.  Oh, and they are quite right to warn that the soup is hot.

If you’re alone, don’t hesitate to ask them to split how you want your dumplings prepared to mix it up.  If you’re out with friends, it’s a great place to share and split the dumpling dishes.

Closest metro: Guy-Concordia

Nearby attractions: Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Architecture, Concordia University


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