After my very first trip to Italy, I found myself going to Montreal’s Little Italy to buy a pastry or two and grab a few meals.  On one such occasion to the neighbourhood, I discovered Porchetta on St-Laurent street.  There I would have my first taste of a Montreal porchetta sandwich.

There the pork was sliced on order, with a few sauces added.  Unlike Italy the crispy skin was sliced into bite size pieces while the sandwich was served cool versus heated.  I opted to grab the sandwich to go, and enjoyed my first bite about 10 minutes after ordering.  From the first few bites, which were good, I had planned to go back, but with a few change requests to the order.  Lucky for me, they would.  The first change would be to leave the crispy skin whole versus cut up.  The second, would be to take the sandwich and heat it up.

It’s a great grab for under 10$, and definitely hits the spot.  Whether you go to the location on St-Laurent or Guy, you will not be disappointed.

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