The Trudeau Airport is located 20km west (about 20mins travel time by car – without traffic) from the downtown core.   Taxi and express bus services are available 24/7 and are just located outside the main doors of International Arrivals exit.

click to view path of 747 express bus from airport to downtown
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Trudeau Airport by Taxi Depending on your destination to downtown, most trips from the airport will cost a flat rate of 38$.  See the map for the drop off area that applies to this flat rate.

Trudeau by 747 express buses
If you plan to take public transportation during your stay in Montreal, it is best to buy your pass at the airport, as it will also include access to use the 747 express buses at no additional charge.  A STM (Société de transport de Montréal) ticket stand is located before the exit.  You can also pay for the bus service in cash, but be sure to have exact amount in coins, as bills are not accepted on board as payment.  If you require change, there is exchange office to the right of the International Arrivals exit.   Note:  Purchase of the express bus ticket on board the bus will also provide you with access to the Montreal bus and metro network for the next 24 hrs.

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Get directions and print a map from Trudeau airport to downtown Montreal