Address: 1217 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2X 1K4
Tel: 514-954-4487

Hours: Open every day from 10am to 4am

Cash only

The Montreal Pool Room is definitely the place to go for a taste of the infamous Montreal steamed hot dog. That’s right, dogs aren’t boiled or grilled, they’re steamed here.  Stand in line and you are bound to hear an order from a local for an all dressed “steamie” or “steamée”.  That’s a steamed dog on a warm soft bun topped with onions, relish, mustard and coleslaw.  Want fries with that?  Expect a hefty portion served in a brown bag.  Prefer onion rings?  Sure, they have them too and more than enough to share.  Of course, a greasy spoon in Montreal could not go without serving poutine.

Serving a diverse clientele since 1912, this establishment has stood the test of time.  Yes, it is true it moved from its landmark location from across the street, but that hasn’t affected the food nor the loyalists who return time and again for a steamie fix.

Closest metro: St-Laurent

Nearby attractions: Quartier des Spectacles , Chinatown, Red Light District

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