Summer is over, but what a summer it was.  For that last hurrah, head over to the last weekend of events at Jardins Gamelin.  Since May, this place has been a buzz day and night offering locals and tourists alike a place to kick-back and relax, enjoy an activity or be part of the action.  Perfectly located, literally steps from the Berri metro exit off, the open space offers an outdoor restaurant, a garden to explore and if you dare, harvest from.  Go ahead and reach out and run your fingers thru the fresh herbs and grab a scent or two.  It’s a great place to bring the kids as it is meant to be a family friendly activity area.  

If you’re more of a night owl, then plan to headout enjoy the fall night with some outdoor dancing under the city lights and stars.  Take the opportunity, because it’ll be a few months before you can enjoy the great scene and atmosphere that brings the area to life during the late spring and entire summer months.  Try not to miss out on this last weekend, but if you do, tag this place for you to discover when next year’s calendar is posted.  



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