Address:  51 Rue Roy E, Montréal, QC H2W 2S3
Phone: (514) 439-6691

Icehouse is neatly tucked away, but not too far from the bustling St-Laurent Blvd (“The Main”). It’s, dare I say, Montreal’s best tex mex shack. At least for now it bears that title until I discover another worthy of such an honour. Seating is cozy, so it’s an ideal place for drinks for two or a few friends, but not meant for larger groups unless you all plan to arrive at once to beat everyone to the tables. If you don’t manage to grab a seat when you first arrive then patiently wait in line on one of the few cushioned seats along one of the outside walls of the shack. As you wait to be seated, there you can quietly ponder whether you want a seat by the wall bar, in the shade in the shack or out on its patio. Of course, you’re at the mercy of those already eating, so maybe just ponder what you’ll order instead.


For drinks, their bourbon lemonade is a favourite and is often enjoyed with a side order of nachos. Of course, nothing speaks tex mex like hard shelled tacos. What’s great is their beef tacos that are served two per order. They’re well stuffed and decently portioned so sharing is always an option so you could leave space to try something else on the menu. The shells are authentic, not some store bought version, and definitely crumbles in just the right way. Yes, the shells will crumble, but have you ever eaten a hard-shelled taco that hasn’t? Want some seafood? Then try their lobster roll, especially during lobster season in the spring/summer months or why not try an oyster burger instead? Craving for some chicken? Well, they’ve got that too – crispy chicken that is, served out of a bucket. Be sure to have a roll of napkins and wipes on hand! There’s definitely plenty more written on their chalkboard menu, and well worth the visit.

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