Address:  55, Place Royale, Montreal, QC  H2Y 2V3
Tel: 514 508-6453

Located a stone’s throw away from where the French founders of Montreal first landed, in the historical district of Old Montreal, lies the cities most swank French pastry boutique, Maison Christian Faure (named after its founder). In 2013, Christian Faure M.O.F. (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France), a man who bears additional titles as the ‘Best Pastry Chef of the World’ by the American Academy of Hospitality and Sciences, ‘Knight of the National Order of Agricultural Merit’ opened the visionary boutique which includes the very first international school focused on the art of teaching French pastry making.

You’ll often find lineups during mealtimes, and more so during Sunday brunch. So timing is everything if you’re hankering to grab a window seat at the café. The selection of classic and modern pastries smartly placed, tease you behind the displays. Once seated you’ll find that every space has been maximized to accommodate as many people possible. Winter is no exception to visitors and jackets sometimes take up that extra personal space, so it’s best to go there as a party of one or two. Anymore than that and you may find yourself waiting a while. To be sure of seating, it’s best to call in and check.


Service is quick and appears frenzied, but it’s an organized type of chaos. The desserts are stunning and almost too stunning to consume, but once you’ve had a bite, the explosion of flavours and textures make it difficult to resist another. If the plan is to share, then it’s recommended to divide at first, because there’s no telling if there will be an equal share to split once you’ve had a taste. If you’ve ordered a meal, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with friends, as the preparation and presentation does take slightly longer than the typical café in the city. However, it’s definitely well worth the wait. The dishes are well plated, that for some it’s hard not to take a picture before filling ones hunger. It’s evident that there is pride and passion in what is presented. It is unquestionably unique and well worth the visit. Oh, and of course dessert take away is a must.


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