1428 Rue Stanley, Montréal, QC H3A 1P7 | (438) 384-0948

The Brigade Pizzeria is one of the few places in town that allows you to pick and choose your own pizza toppings. Their thin pizza crust dough is made to perfection giving you a great base to begin with. Combine that with any one of their fresh toppings along with their pizza sauce and you’ve got a pretty good meal ready to cook. Not sure of what to put on your pizza? Well, they’ve got a few pizza suggestions that you could choose to have as is. You could also let your inner chef take over by adding or subtracting ingredients, as you like. Regardless, of what you choose, each pizza is made to order and then placed in their wood fire oven ready to eat within minutes.


Their pizzas are quite large, making it difficult to see the edge of the plate. But, if you’re with someone, it also offers an opportunity to make different pizzas that you could share. Add a few more folks and you’ve got yourself a pretty good pizza party.

While they specialize in authentic Neopolitan thin crust pizza, there are a few surprises such as their nutella sticks, fresh pannouzzo bread served with their sides, and of course their calzones. A unique one of a kind restaurant in Canada in the heart of Montreal’s downtown shopping district is definitely not a place to miss.


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