Originated in Quebec, the poutine is a definite must try for anyone planning to eat their way thru the city or who wish to boast about the original dishes they’ve tried while in the city.  Yes, it’s not the healthiest of meals but no doubt one you’ll be sure not to forget.  With the dish being a staple in most greasy spoons, we scoured the city in search of the Best Poutine in Montreal.  Here’s what we came up with.  Enjoy!

Best Classic Poutine
– La Banquise
994 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, Quebec, H2J 2J3, (514) 525-2415

Thick fries soft in the inside yet crunchy on the outside, topped with fresh squeaky cheese curds and sauce is all that is needed to make a classic.  At La Banquise they’ve perfected the balance of all 3 ingredients making it the most popular and most ordered dish.  Regardless of the time of day, this establishment is open 24 hours to welcome you and help fill your craving or your curiosity of poutine.

Best Fast Food Chain Poutine – KFC
Any location

What makes this poutine stand out from the other franchises is it’s fries and sauce combination.   The KFC fries are topped with cheese curds and KFC gravy.  If you enjoyed the fries and gravy separately, enjoy them together with a bunch of cheese curds holding them together.

Best Gourmet Poutine  – Au Pied du Cochon
536 Duluth Est, Montréal, Quebec, H2L 1A9, (514) 281-1114

Poutine au foie gras consists of fries fried in duck fat, topped with fresh cheese curds, foie gras sauce and a hearty piece of foie gras.  Undoubtedly more artery clogging than most poutines and that’s why we recommend this serving to be shared by at least 2 people.

Best Thin Fry Poutine – Patati Patata
4177 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2W 1Y7, (514) 844-0216

Julienned fries topped with squeaky cheese curds (a sign of freshness) and a sauce infused with red wine.  The sauce is lighter than most poutine sauces and the touch of red wine definitely gives it a tastier edge and uniqueness compared to poutines in this category.

Best Vegetarian Poutine – La Banquise
994 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, Quebec, H2J 2J3, (514) 525-2415


It’s all about the sauce.  At La Banquise, vegetarians can enjoy a taste of poutine by asking it to be topped with vegetarian sauce. Out of all the non-meat choices listed, we found the Poutine Mexicaine to offer the most unique take on a vegetarian version of a poutine.  Fries are topped with hot peppers, tomatoes and black olives, cheese curds and vegetarian sauce.



  1. I have also been a huge fan of poutine, since I diorcvesed it on a trip to Ontario nearly 10 years ago. My husband is trying to convince our Canadian friends here to invest in a deep fryer, so we can all enjoy poutine in Germany!

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