Address: 92 Rue De La Gauchetiere O, Montreal, QC, H2Z 1C1
Tel : 514-861-2003

Hours: Open every day from 11am to 3am

Accepts credit cards

Official website:

I first discovered this place after a craving to fill a late night/post midnight craving for Chinese food.   Out with a few friends, we decided to try a restaurant we hadn’t been to before.  As we scanned through the 200 menu items looking for our selective favourites we found ourselves distracted by the sizzling noises of the dishes the other patrons had ordered.  Our gazes shifted from the menu to the view of the dishes being served to the other tables around us which gave inspiration to what we would eventual order.  Sizzling ginger beef with green onions and ginger, Cantonese chow mein and spicy eggplant with pork.  There was another dish that gained our attention as it was being served to a group of 6 at one of the few round tables, but unfortunately the off the menu crab dish was a bit too much to consume for our party of 3. Definitely something to remember for my next visit.

Each dish was cooked to our liking and has been a favourite to re-order on subsequent trips with the occasional new dish added to explore.  The sizzling beef is always tender and flavourful.  The Cantonese chow main is often served with a generous mound of ingredients atop the noodles and the eggplant dish perfectly spiced with just enough kick to savour.    On a recent visit we ordered their crispy chicken dish and found it was well crisped on the outside and juicy on the inside.  Dip it in a bit of salt and get ready to enjoy an awesome treat!

With good food and open late until 3am every day, its made our Top 10 late night eats in Montreal.

Closest metro: Place d’Armes

Nearby attractions: Old MontrealNotre-Dame Basilica, Underground City

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