277 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1K3 | (514) 271-3013

If you enjoy eating Italian desserts, or have an inquiring appetite towards trying some, then you definitely need to stop by one of Montreal’s best Italian pastry shops, Alati-Caserta. For over 50 years Alati Caserta has been providing Montrealers some of the best Italian pastries in the city. It’s located in Little Italy, tucked away on Dante Street, walking distance from the Jean-Talon market, and down the block from another city best – Pizzeria Napolitana.

Alati Caserta is well known for their cannoli, which have garnered many positive online reviews, but there’s definitely much more to try than the ever so popular cannoli. Have you had a sfogliatelle or a code d’Aragoste? And don’t forget about the Tiramisu. All desserts are made as single servings, but can be easily shared by two as well. Sharing is definitely suggested when trying the sfogliatella or the d’Aragoste.


During the holidays you’ll find even more Italian classics that are synonymous to those traditionally made by grandmothers/mothers for their families. For those far away from relatives during those special moments during the year, Alati Caserta fills the void by making those classics for individuals and families as they celebrate. In the warm summer months stop by for a refreshing limonada to help cool you down after a walk exploring Little Italy or Jean-Talon market. If you’re hungrier than just refreshment, grab a slice of pizza along with dessert to enjoy sitting at a picnic table across the street at Dante Park.

Prices are quite reasonable, making it easy to splurge on a purchase and/or making a visit to the pastry shop a routine when you’re nearby. Definitely one of our top picks for Montreal’s best and worth the stop.  Let us know what you think after your next stop!





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